Leonard Barlow (?-8 February 1925)

Death Certificate

Age:30 year(s)
Death Date:2/8/1925
Undertaker:John H. Toadvin
Cemetery:National Cemetery [Loudon Park National Cemetery]
Death Certificate:D95098
Maryland State Archives, Annapolis, MD
[MSA CM1132-158 CR 48201]

Obituaries, News Articles & Miscellaneous Sources

SOURCE: Afro-American (Baltimore) 14 February 1925: A14

SOURCE: See thanks, Afro-American (Baltimore) 7 March 1925: 19


Although the obituary indicates that Leonard Barlow was buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, this obituary is most likely referring to Lenton G. Barlow who was buried in Loudon Park National Cemetery. The men have similar names, the same date of death, and the death certificate of Lenton G. Barlow lists his father as Issac J. Barlowe.