Newspaper and Web Articles Relating to Mount Auburn Cemetery





  • Revealing Headstones of History. The Sun (Baltimore) 1 December 2008: A15



  • Remaking Final Resting Place to Be Worth of A Champion. The Sun (Baltimore) 27 October 2005: 1A
  • Man's run to aid cemetery is temporarily put to rest. The Sun (Baltimore) 7 February 2005: 3B


  • Long Journey to Aid Eternal Rest. The Sun (Baltimore) 27 December 2004: 1A


  • Students spend morning in cleanup of cemetery. UMBC volunteers pull weeds, pick up trash at Mount Auburn. The Sun (Baltimore) 2 September 2001: 1B


  • History Lies Sleeping; Rescue: Many hope Mount Auburn Cemetery can be preserved before an African-American landmark is lost. The Sun (Baltimore) 9 February 2000: 1B


  • Mount Auburn 'eyesore' gets help from director of another cemetery. Loudon Park's Nuckolls plans benefit 'workshop'. The Sun (Baltimore) 1 August 1997: 3B
  • Historic Cemetery is in sad condition. The Sun (Baltimore) 16 April 1997: 1B


  • Historic burial ground can be restored if you help. $35 per lot owner is all it takes. Afro American (Baltimore) 3 November 1984
    Reports that letters were sent by William A. Green, president of the Westport Cemeter Corp., to the 50,000 plot owners requesting $35 to help redo the cemetery, but received practically no response.


  • City Blacks Have a Dream: To Revive Cemetery's History. The Sun (Baltimore) 25 February 1983: D1


  • Group Backs Cemetery Expansion Despite Objections of Area Residents. The Sun (Baltimore) 6 October 1973: B8


  • Find Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Shambles Memorial Day. Afro-American (Baltimore) 3 June 1967


  • Four bodies buried in deep snow. Afro-American (Baltimore) 12 March 1960: 18
    Report that the cemetery buried four bodies during a severe snow storm.


  • Bear is Sighted in City Cemetery. Animal Shot 3 Times By Police, But Escapes. The Sun (Baltimore) 10 June 1959: 40
  • Joe Gans eulogized in Memorial Day exercises. Afro-American (Baltimore) 6 June 1959: 14
  • Gans memorial planned May 30. Afro-American (Baltimore) 16 May 1959: 10



  • Weed-Choked Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Afro-American (Baltimore) 28 October 1944: 17
    Image of overgrown portion of cemetery, highlighting graves of Joe Gans, Rev. Ernest Williams, Clarence Williams, and Rev. David Over.
  • Crop of New Complaints Hits Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Afro-American (Baltimore) 28 October 1944: 17


  • Woman, 81, Buried; Mixup Still Unsolved. No Body Missing -- Cemetery Head; Not Yet Satisfied, Sister Says. Afro-American (Baltimore) 7 August 1943: 16
  • Police Keep Vigil to Prevent Further Cemetery Vandalism. 25 Tombstones at Mt. Auburn Are Smashed or Overturn in Month. Afro-American (Baltimore) 29 May 1943: 18
  • Vandals Wreck Tombstones at Graves in Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Afro-American (Baltimore) 29 May 1943: 18
    Photographs of vandalism of tombstones of Lawrence E. and Lula M. Hurtt, C. Thompson, James A. Samuel, Isaiah White, Mrs. Bessie Carroll, Andrew J. Raynor.


  • Moses Order Plans Monument to Bond. Afro-American (Baltimore) 31 October 1936: 17
    Order of Moses votes to place a monument to the late Solomon A. Bond, thirty-five years grand master, at Mt. Auburn Cemetery.
  • Ghouls Raid Md. Cemetery: Cut Hands Off Faith Healer. Police Probing Breaking in of John E. Johnson's Casket. Afro-American (Baltimore) 27 June 1936: 19


  • Prowlers Upset 15 Tombstones in Mt. Auburn. Afro-American (Baltimore) 9 March 1935: 14


  • Cemetery Gives High Graduates Work. Afro-American (Baltimore - 3 Star Edition) 2 April 1932: 23


  • Probe Still on in Sharp St. Finances. Afro-American (Baltimore) 25 July 1931: 16


  • Cemetery Scandal Here: Owners of Lots Find Bodies in Wrong Graves. Grave Diggers Exhume Three Strangers in One Burial Lot. Probe is on City Undertakers May Be Involved. Afro-American (Baltimore) 13 December 1930: 1
  • Baltimore's Newest Cemetery Scandal. Afro-American (Baltimore) 13 December 1930: 10
    Image caption: "William McKinney, of Boston, seeking to locate the body of a relative in his lot at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, discovered that two of three bodies in the grave in his lot are unknown persons who had been interred there. Grave diggers are shown removing one of the decayed bodies of the "strangers" from the grave. Early this week no record as to when the bodies were buried could be found."
  • Grave Diggers Unearth Gruesome Remains and Caskets: "Rest in Peace," No Epitaph for Mount Auburn. Afro-American (Baltimore) 4 October 1930: 1
  • Sharp Street Ousts Trustees. Entire Board is replaced in Stormy Session. Financial Affairs of Church and Cemetery Under Scrutiny. Afro-American (Baltimore) 27 September 1930: A1
  • Officer Chases Funeral Party at Mt. Auburn. Afro-American (Baltimore) 27 September 1930: 19
    Police chase after a funeral procession in Mt. Auburn after it was charged that Daniel Easton, undertaker, had violated health ordinances by sending a body to the cemetery unaccompanied by a licensed undertaker.


  • Elks Here Purchase New Burial Plot. Pride of Baltimore Lodges Secures Large Lot in Mt. Auburn. Afro-American (Baltimore) 5 January 1929: 8
    Purchase of a lot in Mt. Auburn by the Pride of Baltimore Lodge of Elks for members unable to afford to purchase a lot. "The lot purchased is one hundred and twenty by forty feet, and will accommodate forty-eight bodies."


  • James Hall Gets Verdict in Auburn Cemetery Case. Hall Wins in Case with Sharp Street. Afro-American (Baltimore - City Edition) 24 November 1928: 15
  • Sharp St. Church Ordered to Pay Cost. Afro-American (Baltimore) 13 October 1928: 21
  • Appeals Court Says Sharp St. Must Keep Its Contract. Afro-American (Baltimore) 30 June 1928: 2
  • Negro Found Dead in Grave. His Body Discovered in Pit Dug for Another's Coffin. The Sun (Baltimore) 19 February 1928: 3


  • Think Mt. Auburn Building Bombed. Afro-American (Baltimore) 27 August 1927: 18
    Marble shed, the property of James F. Hall, located at cemetery partially was destroyed by fire. "Mr. Hall said today it looked as if there was an explosion…."
  • James F. Hall Opens Two D.C. Marble Works. Afro-American (Baltimore) 30 April 1927: 11
    Hall was the former superintendent of Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Marble works at Mt. Auburn to be moved to a spot outside the cemetery.
  • Sharp St. Remembered in Given's Will. Afro-American (Baltimore) 29 January 1927: A17
    Bequest to Sharp Street Church, Mount Auburn Cemetery, and Old Folks Home provided in will of Thomas Givens.


  • Sharp Street Won't Sell Cemetery. Afro-American (Baltimore - City Edition) 9 October 1926: 9
    Denial of rumor that the Sharp Street M.E. Church planned on selling the cemetery.
  • Tombstone Falls, Breaks Boy's Leg. The Sun (Baltimore) 2 July 1926: 26


  • Champion Benny Lenard Pays His Respects to Joe Gans. Afro-American (Baltimore) 7 March 1925: A7



  • Mount Auburn is Run on a Business-Like Basis. Afro-American (Baltimore) 18 February 1921: 8
    References the card index to 5,000 lot holders. Funds recently spent for improvements in the cemetery, including laying out the roads.
  • Fire Ruins 150 Tombstones. Marble Cutting Shop in Cemetery is Destroyed. The Sun (Baltimore) 14 February 1921: 16


  • Situation Clearing At Mt. Auburn. Afro-American (Baltimore) 1 November 1918: 5
  • Colored Soldiers As Gravediggers. Work with Pick and Shovel at Mount Auburn. Baltimore American (Baltimore) 27 October 1918
  • Soldiers to Bury Them. Bodies of 175 Negroes Above the Ground In Westport Cemetery. Laborers Balk at the Job. The Sun (Baltimore) 26 October 1918: 14
  • Famous Fighter's Mother Faces Poverty. Afro-American (Baltimore) 7 June 1918: 2


  • "We, the Directors of Mt. Auburn Cemetery…". Afro-American (Baltimore) 27 February 1915: 8
    Announcement that the Directors have opened an office at 1204 Druid Hill avenue for the transaction of all cemetery business.


  • Infant's Body Found at Westport. The Sun (Baltimore) 16 March 1908: 8
    Article refers to the discovery of the body of a male white infant found hidden beneath the hedging along Mount Auburn Cemetery.


  • Another Interurban Line Cave-In. The Sun (Baltimore) 2 January 1907: 9
    Article indicates that the arch and gateway at the entrance of the cemetery were demolished when a section of the west bank of the new Annapolis, Washington and Baltimore Electric Railroad caved in.


  • Former Magistrate Asks Him to Remit A Fine.. The Sun (Baltimore) 14 November 1905
    Request by Sheriff Rittenhouse and Charles Hull to the Governor to remit the fine imposed upon Charles T. Parker for cruelty to animals. Mentions that Parker has for some time been in charge of Mount Auburn Cemetery.
  • Run Over By Hearse. A Little Girl Seriously Injured at Mount Winans. The Sun (Baltimore) 14 June 1905: 12


  • A WIDOW DECEIVED. She Gave A Man $5 To Bury Her Husband, And The Body Was Sent To Potter's Field.. The Sun (Baltimore) 20 January 1899: 10
    Reports that Mary Burls had paid John Baordley for the burial of her husband Samuel at Mount Auburn. Instead, Boardley secured the death certificate and buried him in the potter's field.


  • Body Snatching and Excitement in South Baltimore -Arrest of Resurrectionist. The Sun (Baltimore) 9 December 1874: 4
    Article refers to the arrest of Charles Ashley and Thomas Murray for stealing the body of Mary Smith from Sharp Street Cemetery.